• 1

    All student have to maintain discipline, serious indiscipline on the part of student may result his/her withdrawal or expulsion from the college

  • 2

    A student if found indulging in anti-national activities contrary to the provision of act and laws enforced by Govt. will be liable to be expelled from the college without any notice by the principal.

  • 3

    Any student providing wrong information in the application form, will be expelled from the college, in all such matter the decision of Principal will be final and irrevocable.

  • 5

    Head of the institution may verify the antecedents of the candidate through the appropriate police authority.

  • 6

    Loud talking and congregating in the corridors, laboratories, library and class rooms should be avoided. Students found indulging in these will be punished by the Principal

  • 7

    If consistent progress is not observed a candidate may be advised to leave the course and his/her parent/guardian will be informed accordingly.

  • 8

    If student remain absent he/she has to submit an application endorsed by Guardian stating reason for the absence of his ward, in case of absence on medical ground the application must be supported by medical certificate from registered medical practitioner.

  • 9

    No student will be allowed to appear for final examination unless.
    a) He/she paid all the fees and other dues.
    b) He/she satisfy the rules of attendance minimum requirement of 75% as per the MSBTE.
    c) He/she has completed all practical record books and getting certified by concerned teacher.

  • 10

    Student should carry their identity card all the time

  • 11

    Student should regularly read notice notified on the notice board.

  • 12

    Student should not involved directly or indirectly in any type of raging otherwise will be punished as per the provision of Maharashatra Act XXXIII known as "Maharashatra Prohibition of Ragging Act of 1999" resulting in suspension, expulsion from college and imprisonment.

  • 13

    Student should not be involved in chewing tobacco or allied matter otherwise will be punished as per the provision in rule.

Discipline Commitee

Sr. No. Name DESIGNATION Contact No.
Value Value 2 Value 3 Value 4
Value 5 Value 6 Value 7 value 8
Value 9 Value 10 Value 11 Value 12
Value 13 Value 14 Value 15 Value 16


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